Sleek Magnetic Charging Cable-Buy 2 Free Shipping

$17.50 $35

No more nightmares and mess with twisted cables on your table or in your drawer or even in a car. Fix this problem forever with our revolutionary Magnetic Charging Cable.

Organize your cables and charge fast all your devices like never before

  • Easy to Store and Extendable
  • Fast Charging (Time Saving)
  • Minimalist and Modern Design
  • Excellent for Travel and Cars
  • Can be Used Also for Wireless Chargers

It's very simple to use! We bet it will also meet all of your OCD needs, as it's very addictive to play with it. Little Magnets holds the cable in a neat and tidy shape while remaining fully functional and extendable. Everything in the palm of your hands - you will never want to put it down!

Usable for Any Type of Device
You can choose whichever plug you need and use it for types of mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and even your tablets! You can also use a plug for USB Type C so you can easily charge your MacBook or any other notebook supporting USB Type C plug.



  • Cable Types:
    - Lightning (iPhone)
    - Micro USB (all Android Devices)
    - USB Type C (MacBooks, Notebooks,)
  • Color: White, Black
  • Length: 0.9m (3ft) 1.8m(6ft)

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